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For Strimmers

We stock a wide range of strimmer nad brushcutter lines and attachments, plus harnesses, lubricants and protective wear.

Stihl HP 2-Stroke Engine OilStihl HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil2-stroke engine oilfrom £1.96More
Stihl 2mm Strimmer LineStihl 2mm Strimmer Line2mm round strimmer line in different size rollsfrom £3.00More
Stihl 2.4mm Strimmer LineStihl 2.4mm Strimmer Line2.4mm strimmer line available in different size rollsfrom £3.00More
Stihl Strimmer Line SpoolsStihl Strimmer Line SpoolsLine spools for electric strimmersfrom £6.70More
Stihl Heavy Duty Gear LubricantStihl Heavy Duty Gear LubricantGear lubricant for brushcutters and clearing sawsfrom £8.00More
Stihl Special CleanerStihl Special CleanerMulti-purpose cleaning spray for any machinefrom £9.50More
Stihl 3mm Strimmer LineStihl 3mm Strimmer Line3mm round strimmer line in different size rollsfrom £10.50More
Stihl 230mm 2 Tooth BladeStihl 230mm 2 Tooth Blade2 tooth blade to fit models FS 55 - FS 240from £11.00More
Stihl 2.7mm Strimmer LineStihl 2.7mm Strimmer Line2.7mm strimmer linefrom £12.10More
Stihl 230mm 4 Tooth BladeStihl 230mm 4 Tooth Blade4 Tooth blade to suit most FS brushcuttersfrom £18.00More
Stihl AutoCut C 5-2 HeadStihl AutoCut C 5-2 HeadStrimmer head for FS 38-FS 40 and FSE 60/61from £20.40More
Stihl PolyCut 6-3 HeadStihl PolyCut 6-3 HeadPolyCut mowing head for models FS 38 - FS 50from £22.50More
Stihl AutoCut C 25-2 HeadStihl AutoCut C 25-2 HeadRobust strimmer head for models FS 55 - FS 130from £31.50More
Stihl PolyCut 20-3 HeadStihl PolyCut 20-3 HeadRobust PolyCut mowing head for models FS 55 - FS 240from £41.00More
Stihl Universal Brushcutter HarnessStihl Universal Brushcutter HarnessComfortable and light harness to assist with strimming.from £43.50More

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